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About our company...

Crosstech has over 30 years experience in the research and development of precision diamond rotary instruments and distribute worldwide. Today, Crosstech Multi Layered Diamond Friction Grip burs lead the way in Cavity and Crown Preparation, Crown Removal, Restorative Dentistry, Filling Materials (Composite, Ceramic Inlay and Overlay), Finishing and Polishing.

Save money by dealing directly with the manufacturer; no middlemen, no wholesalers, no distributors. Crosstech FG diamond burs are the lowest priced multi-layered burs on the market. When you buy Crosstech, you are buying a high quality product directly from a world class manufacturer. And unlike other suppliers, we won't charge you extra for coarse grit burs.

All our burs are multi-layered diamond bonded to an extra toughened stainless steel shank. Our exclusive bonding process uses the most advanced technology preventing the diamonds from loosening or being extracted during use. Strict quality control ensures that the diamonds are uniformly distributed thus preventing vibrational trauma.

Crosstech burs are one of the most durable burs on the market today, lasting up to 15 times longer than disposable burs. Our burs also cut faster and last longer than other brands, saving you time and money.

Crosstech offer an excellent range of burs. They are available in all grits in Standard Shanks (FG 314) as well as in Short Shanks (FG313). We also manufacture a range of gold plated standard shanks.